This is a list of all the seasons fixtures. Once a result has been entered in to system you will be able to view the match result in the Results section. Please note the following;

  • 30 May 12 - Black dates are the system default and are awaiting being updated by the Home club
  • 30 May 12 - Red dates have been entered by the Home club and await confirmation by the Away club
  • 30 May 12 - Green dates have been agreed by both clubs
  • The "Courts" column indicates how many courts the match will start on

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LeagueDateHome teamAway team
M123 Nov 18 (20:00)B & BP 1SLH Rayleigh 1
M126 Mar 19 (19.30)Fitzwimarc 2B & BP 1
M129 Mar 19 (20:00)B & BP 1Southend 1
M15 Apr 19 (20:00)B & BP 1Fitzwimarc 2
M17 Apr 19 (18:00)Southend 1SLH Rayleigh 1
M112 Apr 19 (19.30)Fitzwimarc 2SLH Rayleigh 1
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