Players must in all cases be affiliated to Badminton England and Essex County Badminton Association. For players that are new to your club then you should be able to find out their affiliation number from them. All affiliated players have been issued with a membership card since the 2006-2007 season.

Important Note: If you don't know the correct BE membership number for a player please type "?" when prompted and the system will generate a temporary number.

If your new player has not belonged to an affiliated club before then you may still register them to play for your club as long as you do obtain their affiliation number before the end of the season. Any player without a valid affiliation number at this time will have all results invalidated.

The process for initial registrations

All clubs are required to complete a simple 5 step process at the beginning of each season to register their players and nominate any players in a league where more than 1 team has been entered.

  1. Login to the registration pages to view last seasons membership list. You will need Admin access to your club. Contact Paul Barber if you need access
  2. Remove any members that no longer play for your club
  3. Update existing and add any additional new members
  4. Make player nominations (where required), and order ladies by strength
  5. Confirm you have completed registration

After Step 5 of this process this part of the system will be locked from further amendments. It is from this date that they become registered and are eligible to play for your club in matches. Any new members joining after this time can be added using the "Add member" link on the top navigation.

“New players take 3 days to be eligible for matches.”